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Types Of Leather Jackets

Leather or cowhide has been around us from ages. The form may have veried from raw to refine or any other shape but the basic structure has always been there. For example in stoneage, human used to wear skin of animals to keep themselves warm and in present times, we have more refined form of animal skin which is known as leather. This material is obtained by refining animal skin in multiple steps until the final product is produced.

Leather nowadays is used to make different things and apparel. It can be used to makde accessories, bags, erotic wear or leather apparel which feature the very leather jacket you have in your wrdrobe or suits.

Leather Jackets have many types but in this blog we will discuss the primary two types. One of these type is a Leather Bomber Jacket. This is one of the oldest type of such apparel which dates back to world war I and II. During the war, pilots and soldiers were faced with frost and evergrowing winter which made it difficult for them to operate. To overcome this situation, United States of America came up with a new type of leather jacket which was known as leather bomber jacket ot flight jacket. It has many other names but this one remians one of most famous till date.  The main features of this jacket were and are the ribbon around cuffs and waist which stop the cold air outside and trap the body heat inside. These lightweight jackets made it easy for soldiers to move with free will and warmth.

The second type is a Shearling Jacket. This type of jacket too dates back to World War era where frosting or cold winters made it impossible for soldiers to even move. The USA again came up with the idea of a new type of apparel which was warm. B3 Bomber Jacket was invented which had fur on the inside and leather on outside. This is also called a Shearling Jacket. The fur on inside made it possible for soldiers to keep themself warm since little or no heat is lost from fur. The outer layer of leather protected the soldier from cold air.

So which one of these are you willing to buy and style?

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